Prototype C

Past Exhibit
December 17, 2022 - April 30, 2023

We’re pleased to present an experimental prototype exhibit called “Crossroads: Doylestown”. Since Doylestown was founded in the 1700s, its small-town “heart” has been the intersection of what is now Main and State Streets, in the center of town.

In this four-block “square,” and in other blocks nearby as the town expanded, residents have walked, shopped, paraded and gathered for almost three centuries. Most of us have strong emotional attachments to the places we call home – and Doylestonians are no different.

In creating this experimental exhibit, we have worked with local residents to identify some places in our town that hold particular meaning for them. These are places where they’ve experienced happiness, sadness, inspiration, worry, regret, pain, anger and pride. Some of the stories they tell reflect long-ago memories. Others describe events from the more recent past.

We’re interested in how you respond to and interact with this experimental exhibit. Although these stories and memories are “local,” we hope that even our out-of-town visitors will able to identify with some of the universal emotions and experiences they express. Do any seem familiar to you? Are you able to apply them to any of the places that you call “home?”